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Experience the Motherland 

A pilgrimage worth taking

The 10 to 14 day adventure will start at $10,000, including 3 meals per day, transportation & lodging. 

Cotonou (beaches, largest outdoor market in West Africa, custom clothing), Porto Novo (National museums, Epiphany parade), Abomey (ancient capital, royal visit), Ganvié (the Venice of Africa, visiting a primary school), Allada (ancient kingdom, links to Haitian Revolution), Ouidah (Voodoo capital of the world).  

Ancestral Approach

Most tours focus on flora and fauna. We know this isn't about petting giraffes, it's about connecting to our ancestral cousins, hereditary culture, and gaining strength from honoring The Ancestors.

Visiting Royal palaces, key locations where our ancestors were free.


We want to be in Benin for National Voodoo Day 2025. The trip would likely start at the end of December, and end around mid-January. We would visit at minimum 6 cities over 10-14 days.  We're also exploring how to make a pit stop in a neighboring nation.

Benin travel experts. 

We're the CNN couple

We are a Benin-Haitian-Canadian couple. You may have read about us on We've traveled around Benin several times over the years, including a trip with 7 family members. It was such an incredible experience that we're planning on doing it again -- with you!  We're going to host up to 10 people on their inaugural trip to the Motherland. 

We have the knowledge, the contacts, the experienced guide and the ability to speak perfect American English so that you don't miss any of the details.

As we plan out the 2025 experience, we'll be updating the website.

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Let us know if you want us to keep you abreast of the planning.
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